Can You Use Your AC When It Is Leaking Water Inside?

Can You Use Your AC When It Is Leaking Water Inside?

Your Air conditioner turns your environment blissful when the scorching rays of the sun make the outside temperature unbearable. You feel the luxury of having an air conditioner that controls the temperature and makes you feel relaxed. But, if you ignore the maintenance of your air conditioner, it causes many complications in your ac. Water leaking is a common problem of an air conditioner. Many people are confused about whether they can run ac with this problem or not. We try to explain things better to help you make the right decision. If you need any help, you can call us. JetAirCo offers Air Conditioning Repair service in Long Island and other places in New York.

Your air conditioner unit will run even if it leaks water inside. But, it decreases the cooling efficiency of your system, which will increase energy consumption. Besides, you should turn off your air conditioner because the real cause of water leaking is still not identified. You can search for air conditioner repair in Long Island and other parts of New York to repair your AC. A professional can treat your air conditioner problem very well.

Why your AC leaks water:

When you have knowledge about why your air conditioner leaks water, you can make a better decision to repair your system. We have explained here some common reasons that cause leaking water issues in your air conditioner.

1. Clogged drain:

It is one of the common causes of water leakage in your air conditioner. The dehumidification process produces moisture with dirt and debris. If you do not clean the condensate line, it is clogged by the debris. The water will start collecting in your unit and spill out. 

2. Rusted or damaged drain pan:

A drain pan stays below the evaporator coil or in your air handler to collect condensation. It channelizes water in the drain line and outdoors. If the drain pan gets damaged or develops rust, the water will start leaking. 

3. Drain line disconnect:

If the drain line is misplaced from its position, it can also cause water leakage. An improper installation can be the cause of this problem. So, you always hire an expert to install your air conditioner. JetAirCo can solve your problem. It offers air conditioner installation services in Long Island and other parts of New York.

4. Broken Condensate Pump:

If your central air conditioner is located in the basement or in your attic area, the condensate pump plays a major role in removing water from your system. If the water level rises in the condensate pump, it causes water to leak.

5. Condensation builds up:

Condensation is a part of your air conditioner dehumidifying process. But, excess condensation builds up can cause water to leak. Water drips from your home insulation, causing damage to your wall. 

There are many other factors that can cause leakage. Call JetAirCo to fix the issue. It is a renowned company that offers the right solution for your HVAC system. We offer Air conditioning Installation Or Replacement in Long Island and other parts of New York. Please contact us to know more. 

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