An air conditioner comes in different categories, and a ducted system is one of them. This type of system perfectly works when you have a big house with three or more rooms. One system can offer a comfortable environment for every corner of your house. So, we decide to talk about the ducted AC for your knowledge. If you need AC repairing or maintenances services, we are always with you. JetAirCO offers air conditioner repair services in Northport, Long Island, and other areas of New York. Please contact us to know more details. 

How does the system work?

A ducted air conditioner delivers cold air from a central unit using ducts for every room in your house. The circulation of the air follows the zoning system, which means you can control the temperature and airflow for every part of your house. It helps you reduce the cost and allows you to use your AC the most. So, using this stem will help you keep the temperature comfortable on hot summer days and also for cold winters.

When do you choose the ducted AC?

There are certain scenarios where a ducted AC seems perfect for the environment. When you want complete control over the temperature and the zoning system, this AC seems perfect for your home. Since this AC also comes up with a dehumidifier, it also protects your valuable possessions, such as furniture, books, and antiques. This air conditioner also offers you even air distribution for your entire house. So, a ducted air conditioner makes the least noise and are energy efficient for your use. When you construct a new home or plan to do major renovations, you must choose ducted AC for your house.

So, a ducted air conditioner comes up with many advantages for your home cooling. But, you must consult with an expert to choose the right air conditioner for your house. JetAirCo is a renowned HVAC service provider in New York. You can book our HVAC services in Smithtown and Hauppauge areas for your air conditioner.

The advantages of using a ducted air conditioner for your house:

1. Reduces your electricity cost:

If your house is big and has more than three rooms, then a ducted air conditioner proves to be a great addition to your home cooling environment. These systems also come up with an advanced feature that sets temperature according to the heating and cooling of the room. 

2. No noise:

A ducted air conditioner is quiet in operation. It is even a better option than your split system.

3. More control:

Since you can use a zone system for cooling, it proves to be very effective for you. You can easily control the temperature with this system.  

4. It saves your wall space:

You can save the wall space. Ductwork runs under the floor or in the ceiling. The central unit can be concealed easily in the backyard. So, it does not affect your interior decoration.

Consult with an expert before deciding anything. Not all houses need a central ducted unit for cooling the temperature. JetAirCo will give you a quick response to your query. Please contact us to know more details. We offer Air conditioner repair services in Northport, Smithtown, and other areas of New York. 

You need a proper function from your furnace in the winter when the outside temperature is freezing. But, if you think your furnace is always ready to meet the peak demands, you are wrong. If it is not maintained, your furnace works hard to raise the temperature, increasing your energy consumption bills. JetAirCo shares tips with you to make your furnace ready for the winter. We offer heating system services in Smithtown, North Port, Hauppauge, Long Island, and in other areas of New York.

Your furnace will work without any faults when you pay attention to the maintenance. While an annual servicing of your furnace improves the system’s performance, you can check a few things on your own to make the system work finely.

Turn on your thermostat:

Set your thermostat in the heating mode and raise the temperature higher than your room temperature. If your system does not turn on, check your thermostat’s inside by opening up the cover. If everything is perfect there, check the power source of your heating system. If you still do not find anything wrong there, call a professional. Do not check the technical things of your furnace as it can be dangerous.  We offer Heating Systems Services in Smithtown and other areas of New York. Give us a call to know more about our services.

Clean your air filters:

Air filters are an important part of your furnace. Since it filters the air, it can be clogged by dust and dirt. Cleaning your filter improves the functions of your furnace. Replace your furnace every few months. If you use a permanent electrostatic filter, you clean the filter and use it.

Cover the AC Condenser:

If your heating system is not a heat pump, cover up your AC condenser to avoid icicle build up in the system. Do not use a moisture-trapping plastic trap to wrap it up.

Clean the system’s heat exchanger:

You cannot perform this task because it needs technical knowledge. Hire an HVAC service provider near you to clean your heat exchanger. JetAirCo is a renowned name for maintaining HVAC systems in New York. We have a team of experienced professionals who visit your place and check your systems. They will quickly fix the issues to restore your comfort inside your house. Don’t spend a day without your furnace in the winter. Call us soon.

Lubricate and clean the blower motor:

Read your manufacturer’s manual, and if it permits you for the lubrication, you can do this. Turn off the power and clean and open the caps of bearings. Lubricate the bearings to get a smooth function.

Check your igniter switch:

If you have an old furnace, you may need to relight the pilot. The modern systems have electronic ignitors. If the ignitor is not working, press the reset button of your system. If it is still not working, call JetAirCo. We will reach your place and will offer you the best service.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors:

Your furnace produces carbon monoxide gas that throws away from your house through the ventilation.  A carbon monoxide detector detects the presence of the gas and alerts you. This is a dangerous gas for your health. So, make sure that your carbon monoxide detector always performs perfectly. If you want to know more about our services, give us a call. We are a popular HVAC service provider in New York. Connect with us for more details.