Air conditioners come up with different types, and which air conditioner you must buy is the real thought. You can ask a professional to help you decide the best AC for your home environment. JetAirCo is an experienced company and has been offering air conditioner repair services in Northport, Long Island, and other parts of New York. Here, we talk about different air conditioner services for your house.

When choosing the right AC system for your house, a few factors you must consider beforehand, including:

  1. Budget
  2. Energy consumption
  3. Space requirement and maintenance
  4. Cooling power

Central air conditioner:

When you have a large house, you need a central air conditioner. It uses the split system that needs ducts to deliver cooling to your house. So, the system is also known as the ducted system. The split system means that your air conditioner has two parts – outdoor parts and indoor parts. The outdoor part consists of the condenser and compressor. The indoor unit has the evaporator coil and the air handler.

You will also get modern thermostat technology with your central air conditioner system to control the temperature of your house.

Ductless Mini-Split:

This air conditioning system has higher efficiency. If you do not want ducting work for your house or just want to keep a portion of the room cold, a ductless mini-split system proves to be a great choice for you. It also has two parts – the outdoor unit having a compressor and a condenser, and the indoor unit. The indoor unit is installed on the wall of your room. You can easily install this type of heating system in your house. You can control the temperature of each room using this technology.

 Window air conditioner:

The window air conditioner system comes in different sizes, meeting your all requirements. If you buy a big size AC, you can even cool the entire room, considering it an open space floor or a single room. No matter what your requirement is, you will get the best air conditioning system for your house. Call an expert for your AC. 

If you need any help with your HVAC installation and maintenance in Long Island, you can contact us. We have the best team who will meet your demands.

Portable air conditioner:

The portable air conditioner is a single system unit as everything is enclosed in one system. These systems are portable because you can carry the unit to any room for cooling.

You can buy this portable cooling system when you need a cool breeze temporarily. It is easy to set up, and you can move this system around your house. Always consult with an expert to choose the best name for your air conditioner.

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Electrical failure is one of the common causes that make your AC stop when you need the application the most. If you guess that the failure happens in the electrical parts, we recommend you must hire an expert for this service. Call an air conditioner service provider who can assess the problems and solve them fast. You will get many air conditioning service providers if you need air conditioning repair in Long Island, Northport, and other parts of New York.

Here are some common problems related to the electrical failure of your air conditioner:

AC Failure After A Power Outage:

If there is a power outage due to a thunderstorm or lightning strike, it can trip the breaker of your system also. Even though a common power outage also trips the breaker because of an electrical surge on its return. If the breaker has tripped, you can easily solve the problem. Check the circuit breaker and fix the issue. Call an expert if you have no knowledge about it.

Your AC does not turn off:

If your AC continues to run even if the temperature reaches the set degrees, you may have problems with electrical controls. A thermostat malfunctioning or sensors may not be in the right position.

AC trips the circuit breaker:

If your AC does not run even after fixing the breaker, you may have big problems to experience. Do not waste your time and call HVAC experts for this problem. JetAirCo can be your trusted name, and we are active in different parts of New York. If you are looking for an air conditioner repair in Long Island, Northport, Smithtown, and other parts of New York, you can contact us immediately. We offer prompt services to fix the issues.

If your circuit breaker trips repeatedly, you may have other issues to look at. A circuit breaker job is to protect your house and expensive appliances from an electrical surge. If you turn your circuit breaker on in such a situation, you will get a higher chance of fire. Your air conditioner can be the reason behind it. Overheating or drawing too much power of your AC is one of the primary reasons for it.

Check electrical components:

Loose connections, bad capacitors, or short wiring can stop your air conditioner.

Fan motor issue:

If the fan fails to perform its work, your system can be overheated.

Freezing evaporator coil:

When you have reduced airflow due to a clogged air filter and other reasons, the evaporator coil in your system can build up ice, leading to overheating and AC failure like issues.

Dirty Condenser Coil:

When the condenser coil gets clogged, the releasing heat in the air gets interrupted, causing overheating issues.

Compressor failure:

If your air conditioner has a faulty compressor, repairing it will be an expensive service.

So, these are some common problems that your ac has with electrical failure. The right maintenance helps you avoid an expensive repair. Maintain your air conditioner properly so that you can avoid costly repair. JetAirCo offers annual services for your air conditioning system. You can also contact us for Air conditioning repair services in Smithtown, Northport, Long Island, and other parts of New York.

When your air condition explores or fires, it puts your life at risk. So, taking care of your Ac is important. Maintain your Ac properly and call a professional service that removes dirt and fixes any issue easily. When your AC remains unchecked by you, it accumulates dirt in it. This can damage the internal mechanism of the systems. JetAirCo warns you regarding the situation. So, take the necessary precaution and protect the life of your close ones.

Here, we are talking about the common cause of the AC fires. Read the content thoroughly and use the information for your protection.

The causes include:

1. Storing flammable materials near your system:

Don’t store combustible materials like papers, leaves, debris, or gasoline too close to your system. It increases the chances of catching fires. Keep the space around you free and clean. Keep the materials at least 3 feet away.

2. Fail to keep your clean properly:

Your AC needs periodical maintenance by an air conditioner service provider. It ensures that your AC will run safely when you need the system most. When you avoid maintenance, your AC stores dirt and other things. This makes the indoors air filthy and this causes so many health issues also. This non-maintenance can even cause a fire.

3. Faulty parts and equipment:

Your ac may run with faulty parts or equipment. When you do proper maintenance, you can detect the parts before it gets severe or more dangerous. But when you skip the AC maintenance service, you have to wait for the signs that AC gives, such as not cooling properly, filthy air, and more.

If the air conditioning fan stops working, it accumulates heat and this causes a fire.

The only way to prevent such risky situations is by hiring professional air conditioner maintenance service. At least call a professional twice a year for the AC maintenance.

An expert has a complete idea about the parts of AC and he/she checks the AC thoroughly and discovers faulty issues that may prove to be dangerous in the future. Though you can do maintenance by yourself externally, you need a knowledgeable person for the internal system of your AC. Don’t fall into the parts of sales gimmicks.

Select a professional air conditioner service center that is reputable. Make sure that you will have them by your side in need. Call JetAirCo and ask professionals about your air conditioners. Professionals are there to solve your queries.