JetAirCo, the leading destination for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown presents an AC choosing guide for your rooms.

As the temperature rises, finding respite from the heat becomes a top priority. Enter the trusty air conditioner, your ultimate ally in creating a cool and comfortable indoor oasis. But with a myriad of options available, selecting the right AC for your rooms can be a daunting task. Fear not! JetAirCo, the go-to destination for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown, is here to guide you through the process with our expert tips.

  • Assess Your Cooling Needs
  • Calculate the BTU
  • Consider Energy Efficiency
  • Explore Different Types of ACs
  • Prioritize Features and Functionality
  • Factor in Maintenance and Service

Assess Your Cooling Needs:

Before embarking on your quest for the perfect AC, take a moment to assess your cooling needs. Consider factors such as the size of the room, the number of occupants, and any other specific requirements you may have, including allergy concerns or noise sensitivity. This will help you narrow your options and choose an AC tailored to your needs.

Calculate the BTU:

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, measures an air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Choosing an AC with the proper BTU rating for your room size is essential to ensure optimal cooling efficiency. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need around 20-25 BTUs per square foot of space. However, ceiling height, insulation, and sun exposure can affect this calculation, so it’s best to consult a professional like JetAirCo for personalized guidance.

Consider Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is now a significant concern for homeowners due to the increasing costs of energy and the growing awareness of environmental issues. When selecting an air conditioning unit, it is vital to choose one with high ratings for Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). By investing in an energy-efficient AC, you not only save money in the long term but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Explore Different Types of ACs:

There are several types of air conditioners to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons. Window units are great for small to medium-sized rooms, while split systems offer greater flexibility and control, allowing you to cool multiple rooms independently. Portable ACs are ideal for renters or those looking for a temporary cooling solution. Consider your space constraints, installation preferences, and cooling requirements when selecting the right type of AC for your rooms.

Prioritize Features and Functionality:

Modern air conditioners have many features designed to enhance comfort and convenience. There’s no shortage of bells and whistles, from programmable thermostats to Wi-Fi connectivity to advanced filtration systems. Prioritize features aligning with your lifestyle and preferences, whether customizable cooling settings, quiet operation, or allergy-friendly filters. JetAirCo can help you navigate the myriad options available and select an AC that meets your needs.

Factor in Maintenance and Service:

To ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly for years, it’s important to give it regular maintenance. Before you buy, think about how easy it will be to take care of, whether replacement parts are easy to find, and if it comes with a good warranty. If you go with a trusted provider like JetAirCo, you can also get a maintenance plan and dependable repair services.


In conclusion, choosing the right AC for your rooms is a decision that requires careful consideration of factors such as cooling needs, energy efficiency, type of AC, features, and maintenance requirements. By following these expert tips from JetAirCo, the leading destination for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown, you can ensure that you select an AC that keeps you cool and comfortable all summer long.

JetAirCo, professional Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown shares signs that indicate our AC needs more refrigerant.

As the scorching summer heat approaches, an air conditioner becomes necessary, keeping you cool and comfortable. However, your AC may need extra help over time to maintain its cooling efficiency. One prevalent problem is a refrigerant leak, which can compromise your AC’s performance. At JetAirCo, a trusted provider of Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown, we’re here to help you understand when your AC requires more refrigerant and how we can keep you cool all summer long.

  • What is Refrigerant?
  • Signs Your AC Needs More Refrigerant
  • How JetAirCo Can Help

What is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system, absorbing heat from indoor air and dissipating it outside, resulting in cooler indoor temperatures. However, refrigerant levels may decrease over time due to leaks or other issues, affecting your AC’s ability to cool effectively.

Signs Your AC Needs More Refrigerant:

Decreased Cooling Capacity:

One of the most obvious signs of low refrigerant levels is a decrease in your AC’s cooling capacity. If you notice that your home is not as cool as it used to be, it may be a sign that your system lacks refrigerant despite running your AC at the same settings.

Warm Air Blowing from Vents:

If warm air blows from your vents instead of cool air, it could indicate a refrigerant leak. When refrigerant levels are low, your AC may struggle to produce cold air, resulting in lukewarm or room temperature air from the vents.

Ice Buildup on the Evaporator Coil:

If you observe ice accumulating on the indoor unit of your air conditioner, it is a definite sign that there is a problem with the refrigerant levels. This problem must be resolved promptly, as it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze.

Hissing or Bubbling Sounds:

Refrigerant leaks often produce hissing or bubbling sounds as the pressurized gas escapes the system. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your AC unit, it’s essential to have it inspected by a professional technician from JetAirCo.

Increased Energy Bills:

If you observe a sudden surge in your energy bills and no corresponding rise in usage, it could be an indication that your air conditioning system is not operating efficiently. Insufficient levels of refrigerant cause your AC to exert more effort in order to maintain the desired temperatures, resulting in greater energy consumption and higher utility expenses.

How JetAirCo Can Help:

At JetAirCo, we specialize in Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services, including diagnosing and resolving refrigerant issues. Here’s how we can assist you:

Professional Inspection:

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your AC system to identify any refrigerant leaks or issues affecting performance.

Refrigerant Leak Detection:

Using advanced tools and techniques, we’ll pinpoint the source of any refrigerant leaks and take prompt action to repair them.

Refrigerant Recharge:

If your AC requires more refrigerant, our technicians will safely and efficiently recharge the system to restore optimal cooling performance.

Preventive Maintenance:

To prevent future refrigerant issues, we offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services. Regular tune-ups and inspections can help identify and address potential problems before they escalate, ensuring reliable cooling all season long.

Bottom Line

Maintaining optimal refrigerant levels is essential for keeping your AC running smoothly and efficiently. If you suspect that your AC needs more refrigerant or you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact JetAirCo for professional Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air conditioner repair services in Smithtown. With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, we’ll keep you cool and comfortable throughout the summer months. Schedule a service today and experience the JetAirCo difference!

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Our dependable air conditioners become our greatest friends as the sweltering summer weather sets in, keeping our homes cool and cozy. However, air conditioners can experience issues that impair their performance like any other device. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most typical AC issues and provide detailed descriptions of each problem and troubleshooting advice so you can stay cool all summer.

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Let’s delve into the points:-

1. Inadequate Cooling

2. Strange Noises

4. Leaking Water

5. Short Cycling 

Inadequate Cooling:

One of the most annoying problems with air conditioners is when they don’t effectively cool your room. If the AC is on, you might notice that the air is not as chilly as it once was or that the room is still uncomfortable and warm.

Possible Causes:-

  1. Soiled or obstructed air filters.
  2. Impeded or blocked airflow around the air conditioner.
  3. Low levels of refrigerant.
  4. Defective thermostat.
  5. Problems involving the compressor or other internal parts.

Tips for Troubleshooting:-

  1. Regularly clean or replace the air filters.
  2. Make sure there are no impediments near the AC unit.
  3. Look for any obvious indications of refrigerant leaks and contact a specialist if necessary.
  4. If required, check the thermostat’s settings and replace it.

Strange Noises:

It might be unsettling and irritating if your air conditioner makes unusual or loud noises. These sounds could be screeching, grinding, buzzing, or rattling.

Potential reasons:-

  1. Damaged or missing parts.
  2. The AC unit is blocked with debris.
  3. Worn-out bearings or belts.
  4. Malfunctioning fan or motor.

Tips for Troubleshooting:-

  1. Before checking for loose parts, turn off the air conditioner. If necessary, tighten or swap them out.
  2. Debris or other objects that might interfere with the components should be removed.
  3. If necessary, lubricate the motor and fan bearings.
  4. If the noise continues, contact a qualified technician to identify and resolve the problem.

Leaking Water:

It can be alarming to find water accumulating around your air conditioner or spilling from the device. This condition points to a problem with your AC and raises the possibility of water damage to your home.

Potential reasons:-

  1. Blockage or clogging of the condensate drain tube.
  2. Frozen or dirty evaporator coils.
  3. Inadequate installation.

Tips for Troubleshooting:-

  1. Maintain the condensate drain line by cleaning it frequently.
  2. A small tilt should be used during installation to allow for water drainage.
  3. If the coils are frozen, turn off the AC, then restart it after thawing.

Short Cycling:

Short cycling is the term for the AC unit frequently going on and off for brief periods. In addition to wasting energy, this strains the system.

Potential reasons:-

  1. Dirty coils or air filters.
  2. An AC unit that is too big or too small.
  3. A thermostat problem.
  4. Refrigeration issues.

Tips for Troubleshooting:-

  1. Clean or replace the coils and air filters.
  2. To ascertain whether the size of the AC unit is suitable for your space, consult a specialist.
  3. If required, check the thermostat and possibly replace it.
  4. Refrigerant testing can be scheduled with a technician.


Even though air conditioner issues can be aggravating, you’ll be better equipped to handle them if you are aware of these typical problems and how to solve them. Although you can handle some minor problems independently, bringing in a qualified HVAC specialist for larger, more complicated difficulties is always a good idea. You may enjoy a comfortable and cool indoor atmosphere throughout the year’s hottest months by keeping your air conditioner in peak condition. If you want to get remarkable Air conditioner repair services or Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in the USA, contact JetAirCo. Here, we have experts who can offer you the best services.

There are a few factors that must be considered when taking Air conditioner repair services Northport, Smithtown or in Long Island mentions Jet Air Co experts.

Almost everybody these days have an air conditioner at their house, especially during the scorching heat. However, even the most reliable air conditioning systems may encounter issues from time to time. When your AC unit requires repair, choosing the right Air conditioner repair services Northport is crucial. JetAirCo stands out as a leading company offering top-notch Air conditioning repair services Smithtown. Today, we will discuss the key factors to consider when selecting an Air conditioning repair services Smithtown.

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Reputation and Reliability
  • Range of Services
  • Response Time
  • Pricing and Transparency

Experience and Expertise:

One of the foremost factors to consider is the experience and expertise of the air conditioner repair service provider. A reputable company like Jet Air Co, with years of experience in the Air Conditioning Repair Long Island industry, will have a team of skilled technicians who possess in-depth knowledge about various air conditioning systems. They can quickly diagnose the problem and provide efficient solutions, ensuring your AC unit is up and running in no time.

Reputation and Reliability:

When it comes to selecting an air conditioner repair service, reputation matters. Researching online reviews and testimonials and seeking recommendations from friends and family can give you valuable insights into the importance of a service provider. JetAirCo, known for providing the best air conditioning repair services in Smithtown, has built a strong reputation through its consistent delivery of high-quality repairs and exceptional customer service.

Range of Services:

Another crucial factor to consider is the range of services offered by the Air Conditioning Repair Long Island. A reputable company like JetAirCo offers comprehensive repair services for air conditioning systems, including routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, and installations. Choosing a service provider that offers a wide range of services ensures that a single trusted source can meet all your AC-related needs.

Response Time:

Air conditioner breakdowns can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, particularly during the sweltering summer. Therefore, it’s important to select an air conditioner repair service that offers prompt response times. JetAirCo prioritises customer satisfaction and understands the urgency of repairs. Their team of technicians responds quickly to service requests, ensuring that your AC unit is repaired promptly, minimising any disruptions to your comfort.

Pricing and Transparency:

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it is essential to consider the pricing and transparency of the Air Conditioning Repair Long Island. In addition, a reputable company like JetAirCo provides transparent pricing and offers detailed estimates for repair work upfront. They ensure that customers clearly understand the costs involved and there are no hidden charges, leading to a fair and satisfactory service experience.


When your air conditioner requires repair, choosing the right Air conditioner repair services Northport is vital for efficient and reliable repairs. Jet Air Co, a leading Air conditioning repair services Smithtown, excels in all these areas, ensuring that your AC unit is in capable hands. With their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust JetAirCo to deliver the best Air conditioner repair services Northport which are tailored to your needs.

We have come up with some easy tips for you to avoid heat buildup in your home. Heating and cooling systems increase energy consumptions, thereby increasing your expenditure. We have some awesome plans that will reduce the use of your cooling system without compromising on your comfort. If you want more such tips to save some extra, keep visiting our blog page. For any help regarding installing and repairing your home heating and cooling systems, you can always contact JetAirCo – the company has a reputed name in New York, offering air conditioning repair services in Long Island, Northport, Smithtown, and more.

You can use spot ventilation to keep the heat generated inside away from your home. With this, you must adopt the best approaches to keep the outside heat outside of your home. For example, you can use a light colour material for your roof to reflect the heat. You can also insulate your house to the recommended level to ensure that outside heat does not raise the temperature inside.

In the hot summer days, when the outdoor temperature rises higher than the temperature in your home, lock doors and windows tightly. Using window shades also helps you lower the temperature of your house. The shades not just block the direct sunlight but also radiate the heat, helping you keep your home temperature cool. If you want to know the best way to keep the inside temperature comfortable, you can consult with JetAirCo. We are offering Air conditioner repair services in Northport, Smithtown, Long Island, and more.

Did you know that cooking can increase the temperature of your home? Instead of using an oven, you can use a stovetop. Spot ventilation can help you eliminate the extra heat outside your home.

There are many heat sources that can make the temperature uncomfortable for you. Cooking is not the only thing to blame. Bathing and washing laundry also increase the temperature of your home. When you take a shower, you can use the spot ventilation of your bathroom fan to reduce the temperature.

You can avoid all those activities that can generate heat inside, from running a computer to burning open flames. Hot devices such as a hairdryer or curling irons also pump heat in the inside temperature. We can suggest you reduce the temperature on the hot, summer days.

Did you know that fan that circulates air can improve your comfort level also? Window fans are a great choice to keep your home environment cool and comfortable. Call jetAirco to install or repair your air conditioning system. We offer Air Conditioning Repair Services in Long Island, New York. For any query, please contact us.