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JetAirCo is for improving your comfort in all weather by protecting your HVAC systems from any damages. Our heating system installation and repair services bring happiness in many households in Long Island, Smithtown, Northport, and Hauppauge. No matter what system you have like gas furnaces, oil boilers, gas boilers, and heat pumps, our professionals have a solution for your every requirement. Give us a call before buying a new system because we can help you pick the best heating system for your house after assessing the position of your house and your requirements.

Heaters comfort you in chilling weather of winter. So, you must invest in the right type of AC. For your knowledge, we are mentioning some of the common heating systems available in the market.

Gas furnaces: It uses natural gas for heating your house. The gas is burnt in the furnace and it heats the air. The hot air is circulated in your home. A gas furnace includes different parts and an experienced professional will help you to fix issues with the furnace.

Gas boilers: It is used in the central heating system and it warms the water through a heat exchanger.

Oil boilers:This is another common type of heaters. It heats the oil that warms up the water for heating your room.

Heat pump:It transfers heat from the thermal reservoir to keep your room temperature warm.

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Service Rates

  • We charge a flat rate a diagnostic/checkup for one system. Each additional system requiring service is additional
    • The diagnostic fee guarantees that we will find out what the problem is, no matter how long we spend figuring it out.
    • You are not charged by the hour while we are diagnosing the problem.
    • This way we can thoroughly inspect every detail of your air conditioning or heating unit without it costing you any more than a diagnostic fee.
  • We try to utilize flat rate pricing wherever possible to save you as much money as possible by avoiding hourly charges.
  • Our service rates are competitive
    • This rate only applies if we are performing a specific job, such as changing a compressor or any other labor intensive job.
  • Emergency rates are competitive from door to door.
  • New installs are priced according to each application. Please contact us for a free estimate.
  • All labor is guaranteed for one year.