Installation Issues With Window Air Conditioner

Installation Issues With Window Air Conditioner

A window-mounted air conditioner is a cost-effective option to keep your environment cool. When you do not choose to install a central air conditioner or do not need this system, you can opt for the window air conditioner. It turns your environment cool instantly. Installation is an important factor for your window air conditioner because it has a risk of getting fallen down on the ground. If you install your ac several stories up, you need to pay extra attention to the installation of your central air conditioning unit. If you need any help professionally, you can contact us anytime. We offer air conditioning repair in Long Island and other parts of New York.

To avoid damages from a poor installation, we describe a few points regarding the size, weight distribution, levelling, and insulation. Learn more about window air installation for your house. Always choose professional help for installing your window air conditioner.


The most common window air conditioner issue is the wrong size. When you buy a window air conditioner, you can opt for expert help to choose the right size. Otherwise, you can also opt for the general rule, which is your window AC needs the cooling capacity of 20 British Thermal Units per square foot of space in your room. If your AC operates in a high ceiling or in a room with direct sunlight, you need a higher cooling capacity. Remember that a bigger size as compared to your cooling space is also not effective. So, choose the right size for your window unit.

Weight distribution:

Weight distribution is an important factor to consider for your window ac installation. Many people simply open the window and slide the air conditioner into it. But this installation method is improper because the window sash carries the air conditioner unit and may cause damage to your window. When installing your air conditioner, install a strip of wood outside of your window to carry the weight of your air conditioner. If your window AC is heavy, you can also opt for the L-brackets for the installation. The best thing is that you can hire an expert for your AC. We offer Air Conditioning Repair Services in Long Island and other parts of New York. Visit JetAirCo to know more about our services.

Keep it level:

Your air conditioner releases water in the cooling process. It works more like a dehumidifier. The water gets drained away in the back. Many people have the misconception that a window air conditioner must be installed at the right angle to benefit the drainage system. When the AC is levelled properly, it drains the water in a systematic process. When your AC drips water, it means that it fails to channelize the water in the right direction. Hire an expert who can properly level your AC for home cooling.


You need to pay attention to the insulation of your room when it comes to cooling. It is the truth that goes with every air conditioning system.

If you want to install a window air conditioner, you can contact JetAirCo for your service. We have been in the field for many years, offering reliable services to your HVAC systems. We offer Air Conditioning Repair in Long Island and other parts of New York. Please contact us to know more.